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Kevin Ng


Oberlin College

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Jordan (Summer)

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Salutations! My name is Kevin Ng, and I’m a sophomore at Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH. I’m studying liberal arts at the moment, but have declared 3-2 Engineering as my major. I guess you could say I’m double majoring in liberal arts and Chemical Engineering. The 3-2 Engineering program grew out of a need to train more well-rounded engineers, people who have not only gone through dense scientific and technical training but who also understand the social contexts and ramifications that are affected by the engineering discipline. I’m a magazine editor and a member of the Student Judiciary. Academically, I enjoy psychological science and multicultural issues. I also play the piano, write Chinese calligraphy, do community service, and chat in Spanish, Arabic, or Chinese. I’m a strong advocate of evidence-based reasoning; I believe every person can benefit from an understanding of scientific inquiry and scientific method. I like to read books about everything ranging from Evolutionary Biology to Philosophy of Science to Genetic Engineering; I’m willing to have discussions about randomized clinical trials, cognitive biases, haw flakes, chemophobia, and Minecraft anytime. In middle school, I studied Spanish and continued in high school. In addition to my native Hoisonese, I studied Mandarin for two years in high school, then after an Arabic immersion camp one summer, I switched to Arabic in college. I have also taken courses in Vietnamese and Lebanese Arabic. I look forward to immersing myself in Arab culture in Jordan the coming summer.


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