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Kenyatta Irvin


Los Angeles City College

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Spain (Summer)

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Aug 03rd 2015

Home sweet Home

Jul 27th 2015

Last week abroad

Jul 19th 2015

Week Two

Jul 09th 2015

Week one in Spain

Jun 30th 2015

2 days away

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My name is Kenyatta “Kenny” Irvin. I am a 25 year old outgoing person from Los Angeles. I am currently a student at Los Angeles City College. My Major is nursing. In my free time I like to watch movies, spend time with my family and work out! I’m actually training for a race now. I volunteer often and I currently work in a hospital as a Nurse. This is one of the reasons why I have elected to study abroad for 1 month in Madrid, Spain summer 2015. In Spain I will study Spanish, taking two courses at the university. Studying abroad is very beneficial for my career. Working in a hospital I come in contact with a lot of patients who only speak Spanish. Learning Spanish and experiencing their culture will help me connect with the patients. I also have future
plans to do community nursing. Studying abroad will also help me to motivate young African Americans to experience other cultures and learn a different language. I am really excited and looking forward to immersing myself in the Spanish culture. July can’t come soon enough!


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