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Julie Tang


Georgia State Univeristy

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Bali, Indonesia


Rainbow Scholarship

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Economics / Computer Information Systems

Program Provider:

GSU (Faculty Led)- Bali Adventure: Sustainability and Culture


Asian/Asian American, First-Generation College Student, LGBTQ+, Transfer Student

Future Career Goals:

I aspire to earn my master’s degree from the Colorado School of Mines, where I aim to specialize in economics, sustainability, and renewable resources/energy. Following this, my intention is to pursue a career at a national laboratory in the United States, with the goal of conducting research on sustainable practices in order to combat climate change.

Top 3 Goals for your time abroad:

The top 3 goals I have for my time abroad is
– To build a rapport with the locals and officials I’ll be meeting while also representing respectfully America
– To enhance my understanding of diverse cultures, thereby improving my ability to communicate effectively in the workplace, within communities, and across nations.
– Observing and understanding Indonesia’s sustainable practices to gain insights for future research endeavors once I’ve attained my master’s degree.


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