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John Phillips


California State University, San Marcos

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Jordan (Summer)

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My name is John Phillips, I am a four-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and left active duty as a Sergeant. As Marines we are taught to complete every task with as much intensity as we can muster, and I have definitely applied that to my study of International Relations at California State, San Marcos.

As I continue to refine my personal and professional goals, I’ve come to understand that the highest priority for me in any career field is to make a positive impact. For this reason, I’ve chosen to study Arabic and the Middle East, in hopes of being able to contribute to conflict resolution in the region as a diplomat, either for the United States, United Nations, or a non-governmental organization. I recognize that academic success alone is not enough to get me there, which is what motivates me to study abroad. I will study in Amman, Jordan, and look forward to gaining the type of cultural insight that can only be gained from living among the people. Also of great value will be one of the classes I will take in Jordan, which is on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The value of studying one of the most divisive issues in our time, in the geographic context of that conflict, is invaluable to me. Throughout my professional and academic career, the best times were those in which I grew, learned, and improved. I look forward to another opportunity on the horizon.


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