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Feb 27th 2023

Pre-Departure Blog

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Home Institution: Brown University
Expected Graduation Year: 2023
Academic Major / Minor: Religious Studies / Africana Studies
Destination: Bridgetown, Barbados
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hello
Program Provider: University of the West Indies, Cavehill
Demographics: African American/Black, LGBTQ+
Future Career Goals: My future career aspiration is ultimately to utilize my skill and passion for digital media and communications to uplift marginalized communities’ narratives and commemorate their triumphs and joyous moments. Upon graduation, I intend to either pursue an entry-level job in communications/digital media production or partake in a digital marketing apprenticeship or rotational program. After gaining a couple more years of work experience and developing my portfolio, I hope to enroll in a double degree MSc & MA program in Global Media and Communications through the London School of Economics & Political Science and the University of Cape Town. Then, I’d like to return back to the US and pursue a more senior-level communications position at a non-profit organization.
Top Three Study Abroad Goals: Immerse myself in the culture by building rapport with local students, going to art & music festivals, tasting and learning how to cook national dishes, exploring the landscape, and volunteering with a non-profit organization; Learn the fundamentals and practical techniques of the film/video post-production process as well as storytelling in a Caribbean context; Produce a video, paying homage to Bajan culture, to highlight and immortalize my overall experience abroad.


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