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Jacquelyn Oesterblad


University of Arizona, Tucson

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Egypt (Fall)

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Jan 21st 2013

Arroz Bil Lebn

Nov 13th 2012

Revolutionary Roadblocks

Nov 13th 2012

Thank You, FEA

Nov 13th 2012

Making Faces

Nov 13th 2012

Great Expectations

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Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Jacquelyn Oesterblad and I am a freshman at the University of Arizona. My majors are complicated and ever-changing, but this week my plans involve a duel B.A./B.S. degree in Foreign Affairs and International Political Economy with minors in Arabic and Anthropology. I am also interested in geography and literature and hope to find time to study French and Persian. Consequently, I spend much of my time being stressed out and eating cookies. I enjoy competing on Arizona’s Model United Nations team, working on the staff of Persona Literary Magazine, and being a research assistant at the McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families. I am currently working on projects dealing with ethnic studies curricula and LGBT youth suicide. Having grown up in a small town, I look forward to the culture shock of going on a six-month travel binge. I will participate in a month-long Central European seminar with my scholarship program before participating in an eight-week Arabic Immersion program in Morocco. At the conclusion of the summer, I will use my FEA scholarship to spend the fall semester in Egypt at the American University in Cairo, where I am excited for the opportunity to observe a government in transition. I dream of working in diplomacy or academia, although I would settle for a job on The Rachel Maddow Show.


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