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Scholarship Year:

2024 Spring

Isabel Ahmed


Bard College

Studying In:

Cairo, Egypt


The American University in Cairo Access Partner Scholarship

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Major / Minor:

Joint Film Production & Human Rights

Program Provider:

American University in Cairo


First-Generation American, First-Generation College Student, Middle Eastern/North African

Future Career Goals:

My future career goals really center around the work I have already started to take part in during my college years. I hope to continue creating films that document and highlight intimate stories about people from all over the world, more specifically underrepresented communities. There is so much power in having the ability to share your story and share your experience, and many people do not have access to that luxury, further marginalizing them and their experience. I hope to play a role in bridging that gap by working with other artists and human rights organizations that are passionate about working towards a more just world.

Top 3 Goals for your time abroad:

1. I really hope to be able to advance my filmmaking and editing skills. There are a list of courses I want to take that will help me do this, so I’m excited to get the time to really focus on these skills. Also, given that AUC is in the “film city” of Cairo, I hope to learn about film opportunities that are outside of the school, as well as assisting with AUC’s film festival!
2. A huge goal of mine is to practice my Arabic more. It is my first language and I am fluent, but have been losing fluency on my college campus where I only speak English, so I hope to be able to reconnect with the language and grow my proficiency even more!
3. I want to make sure that I am able to get outside of AUC and connect with the culture and people in Cairo by immersing myself in the city itself. Cultural immersion was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to study with AUC because I know it is something they value as well, so I’m looking forward to making connections both in and outside of campus!


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