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Scholarship Year:

2023 Spring

Hannah Crace


University of Tennessee

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Japan | *CET Academic Programs Access Partner Scholarship

More About This Scholar

Home Institution: University of Tennessee
Academic Major / Minor: Marketing / Japanese
Destination: Osaka, Japan
“Hello” in your host country’s language: こんにちは
Program Provider: CET Academic Programs
Demographics: African American/Black, Multi-Racial, First-Generation American, First-Generation College Student, LGBTQ+, Person with a disability
Future Career Goals: My aspirations are to work and live in Japan after I graduate, I would like to participate in the JET program and expand my fluency of Japanese, while also contributing to future children’s knowledge in the English language. As a marketing major I would like make connections in Japan, understanding the differences between Japanese marketing and American Marketing. I would also love to expand my roots in the video game industry possibly working for Nintendo’s marketing team or other well known Japanese companies. I am passionate about the people I meet and hope to share cultural experience about the United states, along with learning about Japanese culture. I want to connect and be connected to people, creating an environment where everyone involved can learn and grow past the person they previously were.
Top Three Study Abroad Goals: Increase fluency of Japanese to Advanced; Increase cross-cultural exposure between Japan and the U.S.; Integrate into Japanese society


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