Folly Folivi

Attending:Denison University
Studying in Japan | *NAFSA Tamara H. Bryant Memorial Scholarship
"Hello" in your host country's language: こんにちは (kon'nichiwa)
Home Institution (your U.S. University/College): Denison University
Expected graduation year: 2022
Destination city & country: Tokyo, Japan
Program provider: Temple University
Major/minor: Psychology
Demographics: Black/African American, First-Generation College Student, LGBTQ+
Future career aspirations: My future career goals include obtaining a Ph.D in clinical neuropsychology, working for the National Institute Health to promote grant funding for interdisciplinary multicultural and global research in mental health and neurological disorders, and to promote public health by conducting clinical research with children with brain and related disorders.
Top 3 goals for your time abroad: Gain a different perspective in research methods; Immerse myself in a culture different from my own so I can experience a new point of view and discover more ways to tackle the issues facing the world today; Have a good time learning and exposing myself to various cuisine, popular culture, the art and the history of my host country.

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