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Emily J Sánchez


University of Idaho

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Chile (Summer) | *USAC Access Partner Scholarship

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Pronouns: She/her/ellá
Home Institution: University of Idaho
Expected Graduation: 2024
Major / Minor: Management & Human Resources / Spanish
Study Abroad Location: Santiago, Chile
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hola
Program Provider: USAC
Identity: Hispanic/Latinx, First-Generation College Student, Feminist
Future Career Goals: My future career goals include working in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, where I can help represent and give a voice to underrepresented employees in the United States who’s first language is not English. I hope to apply my backgrounds in Spanish, Mgmt, and HR in a human resources department where I can work with recruitment, career development, and employee benefits.
Top 3 Goals for your time abroad: My top 3 goals for my time abroad include further developing my Spanish vocabulary with the end goal of applying the knowledge into my future career. As well as gaining a new perspective of employees, employers, tourists, etc. in Chile, to fully understand what goes into managing hotels, resorts, or other entertainment specialities. Finally, I hope to gain more cultural awareness that will contribute to my success and enhance my experiences.


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