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South Korea (Summer)

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Annyeong! My name is Emefa Ama Kludze, and I am a sophomore at NYU Tisch School of the Arts double majoring in Dramatic Writing and East Asian Studies. I am going to be spending this summer in Seoul, Korea at Seoul National University within a 10 week long intensive language immersion program. As an East Asian studies major I learn primarily about China, Korea, and Japan. I was personally drawn mostly to Korea and Japan (sorry China!), and I decided to devote my studies to those two countries. After delving further into my research, I realized that South Korea is an amazing country– an especially understated nation, filled with absolutely incredible people that have overcome a multitude of challenges, just in the last hundred years alone. And to put it quite lightly, I fell in love. I devoured history books about South Korea, reading from the Neolithic era, to modern day, and I want to know more about this country I have gained so much insight on, in said country.

In addition to being absolutely fascinated by East Asian culture, civilization, and languages, I am also an aspiring animation writer. I believe that cartoons are an incredible medium that can be used to an even greater level than live action pieces, and they are unfortunately underutilized in comparison. Korea happens to be the country where many of the United States’ animations are sent off to be completed– and I want to have the insight of every step that goes into making cartoons. By knowing exactly how animations are fully created, I believe that I will be able channel that drive and love into my own work. I think that my trip to South Korea this summer will be an amazing learning experience, and I am grateful that I have been given such a wondrous opportunity.


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