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Claire Cohen


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Nepal (Fall)

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Dec 05th 2014

Culture shock

Nov 29th 2014

One week left

Nov 12th 2014

Work in the Field

Nov 07th 2014

First Week in Pokhara

Oct 30th 2014

Last Days in Kathmandu

Oct 28th 2014

Village Life

Oct 28th 2014


Oct 10th 2014

Ready for Annapurna!

Oct 02nd 2014

5 Weeks In

Sep 27th 2014

Dashainko Shubakamana!

Sep 15th 2014

Exploring the city

Sep 03rd 2014

My New Family

Aug 30th 2014

dirt, smog & garbage

More About This Scholar

Hi! My name is Claire and I’m currently a junior at the University of Colorado in Boulder pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I grew up just outside of the city of Chicago and spent many childhood summers visiting my dad in rural New Mexico. I’m very passionate about my academic interests and hope to go on to eventually receive a PhD in Sociology. My specific interests are inequality, social justice and responsibility as well as gender issues.

The study abroad program I’ve selected incorporates these subjects. I will be studying the themes of development and social change in Kathmandu, Nepal for one semester. I’m most excited to complete an independent research project during my stay. I will be exploring the political progress of the Dalit population, the lowest social caste in Nepal. The Dalits were once considered an untouchable group of individuals; I wish to explore their recent integration into society as well as the barriers they continue to experience.

Participating in this program will prepare me to undertake sociological research while I am in graduate school as well as in my professional career. I plan on applying for the Peace Corps upon my graduation from CU, and living in Nepal will give me the opportunity to experience life in a nation the Peace Corps serves.


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