Angelica Beltrán Franco

Attending:University of New Hampshire
Studying in Tanzania (Summer) | *The School for Field Studies (SFS) Scholarship
I'm an undergrad student of Wildlife and Conservation Biology with an Animal Behavior minor at the University of New Hampshire. I'm a non-traditional senior student with interest in carnivore management and feline conservation. This experience will help me to graduate on time in the Fall of 2019.
I will spend June and July in Rhotia, Tanzania for two courses with the School for Field Studies:

- Wildlife Management: I'm hoping to learn about wildlife-human conflict and wildlife conservation efforts in Africa.

- Carnivores of the African Planes: I hope to learn behavioral ecology of carnivores such as lions and wild dogs.

I'm from Colombia and recently became a US citizen. My ethnicity is Mulatto (Mixed race) and Hispanic. I feel a strong connection with mamma Africa and I'm happy the experience is taking place in her hearth.