Supporter Spotlight: Hector Santiago

Hector Santiago is an FEA Alumnus from the Fall 2012 academic year. Since his return, Hector has consistently been involved at FEA. From advising incoming FEA scholars and joining the FEA Alumni Council, to providing charitable gifts, Hector has supported FEA in many ways throughout the past six years.


How are you connected to the Fund for Education Abroad?

My name is Hector Santiago. I am an FEA Alumni and I studied in Tokyo, Japan in the Fall of 2012.

What does FEA mean to you?

FEA means everything to me. Not only is this an amazing organization that offers funding opportunities to underrepresented communities, they are a family which I have come to know and work with very closely over the past 6 years.

Why have you stayed involved with FEA?

Jennifer and all of the other people involved with FEA make it hard to not want to be involved. Being able to not only meet new people who share a passion for study abroad, but to share my knowledge and experience with people who are just learning about these opportunities is all the reason I need to stay involved.

Why did you join the FEA Alumni Council?

I take any opportunity that presents itself, especially when it involves FEA, to use my experience to help influence the students who are interested in learning about new cultures and ways of life. It is with great pleasure that I advise students and see them through their international journeys.

What is your favorite memory from your time studying abroad?

I have so many memories that I really cannot choose one favorite. However, my time with my host family meant so much to me. I am still in touch with them, all these years later.

Is there anything else you want to add?

As long as FEA exists for the purpose of creating opportunities for underrepresented students, I will continue to support their mission.


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