We went to Edinburgh, Scotland!

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Last weekend, my group and I decided to visit Edinburgh, Scotland. From Cambridge, we took the train to the North, passed few stations, we made it to Edinburgh after 5 hours on the train. My first impression about Edinburgh was that it was so windy and hilly. The temperature was low and it was rainy all day, so we had to dress warm all the time. Edinburgh was impressive and mountainous with the hysterical castles perched on the side of the mountains. When I packed for this trip, I didn’t think about the weather, so I just packed short and t shirt, little did I know, I’ve made a huge mistake! So, to everyone’s who is planning to visit Scotland, you need something that are warm, to keep you from freezing, are waterproof, to keep you dry from the rain, and are comfortable to hike because the roads in Scotland are very hilly. We went on the city bus tour and it took us to wonderful places around the city.

We went to Scotland national museum and we went hiking on the Pentland Hills, only to found ourselves breathless by the view of the city. Scots are amazingly friendly and also very funny. Upon our departure, we decided to grab a quick dinner in a local restaurant before catching our train. The servers made sure that we had enough time to finish our meal and won’t miss our train, he also told us about the shortcut around Edinburgh so won’t get lost. This trip to Scotland was an amazing experience that I will never forget, I got to see the most beautiful views, meet the most wonderful people, and most of all, I had my friends with me on every road of the journey.

The countryside of Scotland was just like the cartoon movie “Shaun the Sheep”, where each farmhouse had a giant green field and the sheeps were all over the place. The sky was blue, the grass was green, the air smelled fresh, all were captured by my camera while we were on the train leaving Scotland. It was such a wonderful experience!

In addition, during this trip that I learned about the sorrowful lost of a US study abroad student. My condolences to her family, and I also want to warn everyone to be careful while studying abroad. Of course, you should enjoy your time of the trip, but please be very careful when traveling! Have fun, and be safe!