Week 6 Professional Visit

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The class went on as usual on Tuesday. We learned and practiced vocabulary and dialogues regarding pediatrics in Spanish. They were about the appropriate questions to ask the parents about the medical history and current symptoms of their child. After class, we had a vocabulary quiz on the materials from last week.

On Thursday, we had a zoom visit from a Costa Rican physical therapist, Ana Gabriela Pacheco Matamoros. Our professor and us students were very excited about this visit. Licensiada (her education title) Matamoros presented the importance of taking stretching breaks and having the correct postures while working a computer job because of the current working virtually from the home situation around the world. We had activities after the presentation where we had to read these exercise instructions in Spanish and performed them. It was the most relaxing class I have ever had. All of my muscles were stretched out, and I had a great sleep that night. It would be something I will incorporate as much as I can while working from now on.

For the cultural activity this week, my friend and I went to the Plaza De Las Americas. The Hispanic mall featured small businesses selling clothes, household items, and food. I very much enjoyed the food court. My friend and I had churros with a scoop of walnut ice cream and caramel strawberry crêpes at a stand. Only one lady was working there, and I was surprised to see that she made the food from scratch. I loved that I was able to watch her make it from beginning to end and was able to taste the fresh strawberries. The dessert dishes were just right on the sweetness and made the perfect late breakfast. After the meal, we went around the entire mall and had to stop ourselves several times from buying everything we saw. The items we were interested in were very affordable, but we had promised ourselves to put a limit on our hoarding tendencies.

I am saddened to realize that we only have three classes left together before finals.