Week #6 in Korea! Busan trip

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This week, I went to Busan! My monday class was canceled, so I went for the weekend and on monday. As soon as my friend and I arrived, we took a taxi to our airbnb, and it was around 10pm. It felt so surreal, the windows were open and there was a very nice cool breeze outside, and I could slowly start smelling the fresh ocean breeze. I was so excited because I haven’t seen the ocean since leaving San diego. As soon as we arrived, I called my airbnb host to let her know we arrived, but I quickly realized she didn’t speak any English so I had to use Korean, which thankfully she understood me well! When we arrived in our room, we didn’t realize we would have such an amazing view of the ocean, and although the image shows it in the day, we first saw it when it was really dark since it was night time. When we opened the balcony I immediately felt so nostalgic and felt like I was back home. Rather than feeling homesick, I felt so much comfort hearing the ocean waves and smelling the ocean air. The next day, we went to the nearby mall to shop for the BTS ‘yet-to-come merchandise, since it was exclusively sold in Busan. After that, we ate dinner at Abiko curry, which made me realize that curry is probably one of my favorite foods now! Later in the night, we went to see the Gwangandaegyo bridge in Busan, which was lit purple. It was so beautiful, I took so many photos, including the selfie posted below. Something I noticed that was different from Busan compared to Seoul, was the staring being much more intense. Busan is definitely a big tourist spot in Korea, but there is still the reality that foreigners there are not as big of a population compared to the native Koreans there. Overall, Busan was such a beautiful experience, and I felt like I was back in San Diego even if it was just for a little bit. I hope to go again soon!