Week #4 At SNU!

Read all the exciting things our scholars have been up to!

This week at SNU there was a school festival! There was so much food, drinks, club fairs, and activities. We also got to see various talented performances from students, from rapping to singing to dancing and more! There really is so much talent in this school it’s amazing. One of my favorite songs recently is After Like by IVE which is a K-pop girl group, and there was an act that performed this song which made me really happy. There were other songs performed as well, such as O.O by NMIXX, Play by Chungha ft. Changmo, and Beautiful Monster by STAYC. There was one hip-hop act that danced to a song by J.Cole which was cool to see as well!
What made me even more shocked was when a guest performer came, WINNER! The energy in the crowd immediately spiked and everyone was so excited. Everyone in the crowd was singing all the lyrics to their songs perfectly which was so cool to see! I had so much fun at the festival and I’m so glad I got to experience one of the most iconic things you can partake in at a Korean University. The day after the festival, I went to Lotte World with my friend. I love amusement parks so much! In fact, I used to work at one back home in San Diego. Going to Lotte World was one of the number one activities I was looking forward to, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the large Lotte World sign! We went on so many rides, including the viking boat that sways higher and higher, a water ride that got all my clothes and backpack wet, and even a VR experience! All these rides were so fun and memorable, and I hope to go back again soon! After, we had churros, and then we went to the arcade. The arcade was most memorable for me, because of how much money I lost playing the claw machine games. There was a little girl who kept lingering around me and my friend when we were trying to win a Squid Game key chain, and when we happened to finally win one, we decided to give it to her. It just felt like the right thing to do! For lunch/dinner, we ate at Dominos. I have had Domino’s here in Korea before, but the Dominos in Lotte World is absolutely way more delicious for some reason! They were having a Halloween celebration later that night, and the lights and colors were so beautiful! The ice skating rink was nicely decorated as well, and there was a parade of characters going around.