Week #13 in Seoul~

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This week I went to the In the Soop #2 house! I have seen some clips of the show before but it felt so surreal being in the exact same house in person. The house is in Pyeongchang, which is where the 2018 winter Olympics took place. There were a lot of large signs that had the “#Pyeongchang2018” everywhere. When we got to the house, they explained the rules to us and even let us write postcards which were apparently sent to the company. We could hang out in their living room, and I saw all the instruments such as the guitar were laid out! It was so cool to see. I played basketball on their outdoor court which was super fun! When we went back to the hotel, we watched TV and I noticed they had Spongebob on, but with a Korean voiceover! It was so interesting to hear how another country re-does the iconic vocal tone of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. I definitely recommend checking it out on youtube if possible! This week after returning from Pyeongchang, I also hung out with my very good friend Katia around Yeonnam-dong and went to a cafe that makes keychains, called Neulbo Cafe. You draw your design on a piece of hard paper, and then the owner will throw it into the mini oven, and it shrinks and hardens into a small keychain as can be seen in the image! The drawing I drew was of an anime character named Saiki Kusuo. He’s a very interesting character, and I love his design so I decided to trace the sticker I have of him on the back of my phone and it turned out great! It’s now a keychain I keep on my phone case. I enjoyed a very delicious iced mocha while in this cafe, and it was an experience I’ll never forget! I hope to go back again soon. After we went to this cafe, we walked around and shopped for a while at local stores and antique shops! It was so beautiful because I was finally starting to see Christmas decorations and music playing in Korea for the first time! It was such a joyful feeling walking through this town. Afterward, we ate at a place called Wilson’s Pizza, inspired by the movie CastAway. They had a sort of American core theme inside the place, with Campbell’s soups all over the walls and coke bottles everywhere, and they also played a lot of trendy songs from the U.S. We ordered Pizza and fries and it was absolutely delicious! I plan to go again when my sister visits me in Korea soon.