Trip to Bergen and Berlin

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This past month I made weekend trips to both Bergen, Norway, and Berlin, Germany! It has been so amazing to experience traveling Europe and seeing new places. I feel I have already grown so much as a person while being here!

The first weekend of February a couple of friends and I caught a flight to Bergen. Bergen was absolutely beautiful, the scenery was breathtaking with the mountains and the beautiful city. It reminded me a bit of back home (Vermont) where I am surrounded by mountains. In Bergen, we hiked Mount Floyen the first day we got there. The hike was a bit difficult as I did not pack appropriate footwear but it was so worth the view. The next day we took a cruise tour of the Fjords in Bergen. I can say I was absolutely stunned by how beautiful they were, it was surreal. We then explored the city, visited a modern art museum, and got some amazing seafood for dinner. On the final day, my friends and I went polar plunging in the morning in the North Sea, before catching our flight back to Copenhagen! Overall I absolutely loved Norway and would definitely go back, I would be interested to see what the city is like in the summer.

This past weekend, I solo traveled to Berlin where I met up with a friend from my college that is studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweeden. I got in pretty late Friday night so we just got some pizza and caught up that night. The next day we explored the city and saw The Gate as well as The Berlin Wall. Berlin definitely was a bit different than the Scandinavian cities I have been to, but just as cool. The monuments and the history of the city were very neat to see and experience actually being there. We then went thrifting and I got to see how different German fashion is compared to “Scandinavian Street Style”. Germans tend to dress more eccentric and colorful, rather than the neutral and capsule wardrobe that is common in Denmark. For dinner, the food was a bit more affordable in Berlin than in the other places I have been, which was very nice. Germans do not speak English as Danish or Norwegian people do, and it was a bit more difficult to communicate. At the restaurant we went to the second night, the waiter had to find a staff member who understood English in order to seat us. I flew back very early the next morning.

This upcoming weekend I will be traveling to London, so that will be my next blog!