Surrounded by Helping Hands

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As I continue on this journey abroad, coming across obstacles has become somewhat normal.  It sometimes can get to the point of being too much for just one person.  Luckily, students from the university have come along and are giving their all to help.  Other than students there are many professors and advisors, who are more than happy to help.  Being in such a new environment I’m glad that they’re close to help me deal with issues.  Even though I’ve been getting help it doesn’t mean I can’t help others.  Through weekly tasks I have been able to do the same for other alumni, and help them as the do for me.

My biggest struggle was accommodating into a different way of living, and to this day I’m still struggling.  To stay focused and go about my daily life, I push myself into it because nobody will do it for me.  To feel like I’m far behind the class does make it even more tough to turn in work and contribute to the group.  Even though it happens the feeling of trying to keep up is enough fuel to continue.  I go about my days and get to my classes on time, and try to stay as focused as possible.  Homework and other tasks sometimes become a hassle, when I didn’t fully comprehend the material.  Help from other alumni is sometimes difficult , especially when everyone is equally lost.

I often feel very overwhelmed, and it’s a daily feeling.  Mostly it’s from being afraid to fail a certain class, but I have to work harder than normal and I’ll be fine.  My work ethic has actually doubled since I arrived, and has made me strive harder on everything I do.  This mindset came to me because failure is not an option.  Any task given to me, I will try my best to accomplish it.  Either way I turn in the work on time, even if having slight chances of getting things wrong.  Giving it my all and knowing that I did the work as far as my knowledge goes is more than enough to feel satisfied.

Something that I’ve seen all around, it is that everyone in every moment is working.  It appears to be like a non-stop clock for the people.  From the moment I walk to school until the hour I leave it’s the same, the productivity is continuous.  It’s very nice to see people working hard all the time, but it becomes hectic.  The people crossing to get to their destination plus people selling or offering transportation will all bunch up.  It all feels like they rush into whatever they are doing and can confuse people.  But it’s all with a purpose, to get in more sales or to get more people onto their bus/car.  I believe that the way they measure their productivity differentiates depending on the type of service they offer.  Bus drivers or taxicabs will often say that vehicles should be filled at every given moment.