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Living in Ireland, I experience a bit of culture shock than I initially expected. I thought I knew what slow living was from being from the south, but Ireland has a vastly different definition. Life was so relaxed while abroad and I could tell that the relaxed nature of life there helped the residents live low-stress lives. Being able to have my apartment and have neighbors, who were not a part of my program, really made me feel like it was my home. That environment was very welcoming.
The courses that I took were phenomenal! I was able to learn the ins and outs of the brewing industry, as well as study intercultural communication techniques that will aid me in the future. While in these classes it did not feel as though we were in class but just a group of students and a professor having open discussions on different topics. The classroom environment was very welcoming.
Before going to Ireland, I was on the fence about whether or not I should live and work and abroad. I did not know if I would be able to move across the world and be ok, but after this study abroad session I am determined to find a career and live happily. The main goal for me is to get my master’s in community psychology and open a non-profit to combat social injustice in my community and parts of the world. While in Ireland I was brought face to face with their homelessness crisis and that showed me that it is not just my community that is struggling but other communities as well. If I can provide help to people in need, I will try everything to make that happen.
I am thankful to Funds for Education Abroad for providing me with the necessary funds I need to complete this life-changing journey. I will be forever grateful and will sing their praises from the rooftops! Below you will find pictures from my last few weeks abroad.