Navigating COVID abroad

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Given the times that we are in, there is always a risk of catching COVID because it can happen to anyone, anywhere. I am currently have been in quarantine for a bit over a week now. The news of my infection occurred days prior to Christmas. So I had to spend my holidays by myself in my room. When I first tested positive for COVID it was upsetting but the feelings graduated to relief. In my last vlog, I displayed clear physical and mental distress I thought the high altitude and lack of nourishment were having on my body. Looking back, I can pinpoint the majority of my suffering to the fact that I was sick with COVID.

My classes have been made virtual. Despite the darkness of this pandemic and virus, being quarantined forced me to slow down and take it easy. I was doing a lot my first two weeks. Way more than my body could handle. Only being allowed in my room has forced me to rest which I have been doing plenty of and just focus on what I mainly came here to do: study Spanish. I’m grateful for this experience because it’s shown me that I really don’t need much if I have connection. I’ve met plenty of people along the way that want to support me in this time like my new friends and teachers from school and my roommates. In the picture shown, my teachers had one of my roommates deliver a care package for me that consisted of a variety of fruits, bread, and nuts. My friends have also been diligent in checking on my well-being.

This time has really allowed me to reflect on the fact that there are gentle souls in every nook and cranny of this world and I am finding I value that more than the actual aesthetic of places. I’m also realizing that every experience is still an experience to be learned from regardless of how much it matches (or doesn’t match) my expectations of the experiences I’m “supposed” to be having. Although I could’ve easily been down about the COVID/ quarantine situation, I chose not to sulk over my new reality and see what I could find in the silence that I was about to endure for the next two weeks.

Physically, COVID and being in Peru has tested me in ways I have never been tested. I’ve always known myself to be mentally resilient but how intolerant I am to pain has really exposed itself. What I’ve been through has made me very grateful for the human body design. The human body is amazing in the way it will do absolutely whatever it takes to save itself and how strong it is. My roommate Dawn told me that I would be surprised by how adaptable the human species are in their given environment. This gave me a new perspective because when I would complain about not being able to adapt, I actually would if I had to which provides comfort in the fact that I am far more capable than I limitedly think I am.