Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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Only one week left here in Ireland is a concept I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around. While I feel as though I just arrived I also have a strong feeling that I have been here for ages. I have seen and experienced so much in these last four months, things I could have never imagined and will therefore be eternally grateful for. I have been to incredibly beautiful landscapes, historic sites and everything in between. I am so excited to spend hours relaying all the details to my family and friends as I return home.

This week was yet another fun week in Dublin City. I worked a lot on getting work done for my final projects and spent time at some of my favorite places. It is really great walking into places and feeling like a local since I have been here for so long. I have even made connections with a couple staff members at local businesses and it is so great to check in with them. I also spent time at a couple new places, pubs I wanted to try or stores I had been meaning to go in, checking off some of the final boxes I have left. My highlight of the week was decorating Marsh’s library, where I am interning, for Christmas. We hung string lights and put up two Christmas trees. It really makes the place look and feel so festive. I am so excited to get home and celebrate the holidays and the decorating helped make up for the fact I will miss decorating my home.

Next week will be my last blog post as it is my last full week. I will talk more about my trip to London I have planned for after the program ends. It has been so great to document my time here in Dublin. I am so excited to look back on these and remember all the wonderful memories I made here.