Gastronomia Peruana!

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I have fallen in love with the gastronomy from this country, and it has yet to disappoint me.  There are some foods that I haven’t loved, but non the less the majority has been a rollercoaster to my taste palate.  Other than tasting the cuisine, seeing the different ways they are prepared amazes me.  The names of foods and their preparations are all fusions and mixes of other countries cuisines.  One is always in for a treat when you try a new food from here.

They use a mechanism called a “Caja China”, which is basically a box, and inside the box they have metal frames to hold the food.  Once the food is put in, the box is capped and on top they put the coal or wood to heat everything up.  The heat transfers into the box cooking the food, but what amazes me is the type of heat that goes in.

The box was able to cook a pork belly and achieve a crispy skin.  The owners of the box made modifications to it and put a flat griddle to make more use of the heat and cook other things at the same time. I need this cooking mechanism for personal use at home.

The breakfast is spectacular here, and the fruits are always very fresh.  The flavors have more depth to them not like in my home country, and the difference is very surprising.  I ate breakfast at a café the other day and decided to try their natural juices.  I was amazed at how for many of the juices they would use fresh fruit and not frozen ones.

For juices like orange they were actually pressed when you asked for one.  Honestly the level of freshness in the cuisine is crazy and I love how they practice serving the best of ingredients.  I want to have the chance to plant the same ingredients and end up with the same end product as in this country.

To this day the best thing I’ve eaten in Peru has been the ceviche, it is amazing and the fish is so fresh it was practically cut right in front of me.  The thing is the fish hasn’t been cured for a long time, so other than it being cooked completely by the citrus only parts of it have cooked.  This still leaves a fresh taste from the fish to linger making the whole thing ten times better.

They have many types of ceviche, and I tasted one with a mix of shrimp, octopus, calamari rings and fried fish.  Without a doubt this has been the best ceviche dish I ever tasted.

This whole trip and been a culinary dream and without a doubt some of the best food I have ever tasted.  I would return here just to adventure around the whole country and taste every plate possible.  Peru is a gastronomy dreamland!


This is the caja china that they used to prepare the porkbelly, on top they cooked vegetables using residual heat.
My plate with corn, porkbelly, potatoes and sautéed vegetables.