Delicious Regional Food

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While abroad I have been eating food from all types of Peruvian Regions.  The different regions use different ingredients, also they main ingredient does too.  From the mountains their is usually lamb, while coast is seafood.  The food from the desert is usually food that are cooked underground, a lot of meat to be exact. Peru even has it’s own type Chinese/Japanese fusion food.  I’m glad to have taken time to try these different foods and experience new flavors.  The food tasting is like another adventure to travelling itself, and I enjoy seeing how the food is prepared.


This dish is the one that has lamb, rice, beans, yuca and onions. In the back is the drink with the macerated fruits.

From the mountain areas I had a delicious plate that had lamb, beans, yuca and rice.  The lamb had a lemony flavor and it was cooked with mixed vegetables, also it had onions with vinegar.  The plate was braised so all the flavors mixed together.  Other items were placed on the side like ceviche, roasted corn, and boiled corn too.  There is actually a special drink made in the mountains that is many fruits macerated then fermented, but the version I tried was not fermented.  This dish was incredible and I had to eat a bit more than just one plate, all except for the ceviche.  The ceviche was made with a different fish with too many bones still in the fish.

The food that I have eaten from he coastal areas have been more ceviche, shrimp dishes and many risottos.  The type of ceviche I ate was a mixed one, so it contained fish, calamari, shrimp, fried fish and octopus.  The seafood was all so fresh and the sauce on the bottom, it mixed so well with the acid from the lemons curing the seafood.  Peruvians seem to use a lot of corn on the side of there dishes, but with this dish there was also sweet potato.  The tendency is that chili peppers are cut up and thrown into the ceviche, so I asked for it on the side.  Throwing a couple teaspoons made a big flavor and heat difference, it was amazing.  Another plate with the ceviche was a shrimp risotto.  The flavor from the risotto wasn’t so strong, but the shrimp from the dish had the most amazing infusion of flavors.


These are the seafood dishes, on being the mixed ceviche and the other is the shrimp risotto made with a shrimp bisque.

Last of the food regions is the desert area.  This is where I have gotten my carnivorous side and have eaten all types of meat.  There was one dish with pork, chicken and beef altogether, and it also had corn, potatoes and a sweet tamale.  All of the food was all cooked together in one hole that was covered and then hot coal was placed on top.  It was like an outdoor oven/smoker and the flavors were like no over.


This is the desert food, with many types of meat potatoes and something like fava beans.