So, What’s Your Favorite Place You’ve Visited?





There are many beautiful places to admire in Seoul, South Korea with historical to high-tech architecture. It is hard to choose one but by now I can say that my favorite place I’ve visited is the Hangang river. The Hangang river is one of the most important and recognized places in Seoul. It is part of Korean history while it also portrays a part of their fully developed city.

Last week I visited the Hangang river for the first time. It was a very relaxing and exciting experience, however, it was very tiring too. It took my friends and I a 35-minute walk from the subway station to the Hangang river. Not to forget that it was a very hot and humid day. It was a tiring walk, however, it was totally worth it. When I first got there this was my beautiful view, which made me forget about that painful walk:

 As you can see in the first picture there were boats, speedboats, and jet skis. My friends and I decided to get in one of the speedboats and it was so much fun. It was also my first time getting in one so it made it more exciting. The guy who gave us the “tour” in the speedboat was very nice, he would stop the boat just for us to take pictures around. I am also really thankful that he saved my hat, I was wearing one while being on the speedboat and it almost flew away but he got it for me!

After the speedboat, we decided to get fried chicken. It is very popular in Korea to eat fried chicken with friends right in front of the Hangang river while having a very relaxing afternoon, something like a picnic. The chicken was so delicious and most important (for me) it was fresh and spicy.    

Hangang river was a success! I had a great time with great friends, great food, and most important a great time exploring Seoul.

Wish me luck,

Aurora Torres.