Week #9 in Korea


This week I went to the Han River to go on a late night boat ride. I went with my friends Valerie and Sydney, and it was such a cool experience! When we got there, it was way more cold than usual, especially since we were near the water. There were so many families and couples out to enjoy the cool night, and the atmosphere was so refreshing! My friend Sydney previously booked the tickets, so the process was really easy to get in and out. There were snacks and drinks on board, and I had a chocolate ice cream. I know it was cold, but I think I can enjoy ice cream any time of the year! I also went to the arcade this week, and played with so many claw machines. I think I lost about 60,000 won just by playing alone, and only won a few keychains. Something I noticed was how much easier it is to win at claw machine games here versus in the U.S.. I feel like the claws aren’t as loose here in Korea! I also played a lot of basketball too, which was so fun!! I think going to arcades is probably one of my favorite activities to do here, for an everyday activity! As I have mentioned before, I’m pescatarian which makes it hard to find a variety of foods to eat on campus and in Korea overall. The other day though, I found an Italian style restaurant on campus that serves Aglio e olio o pasta, and it was pretty good! It had a rich garlic flavor with a slight sweetness to it. I think I’ll go back there again soon!