Week 8: Salzburg, a Personality Test, a Metal Wire Crown, Etc.






Wow. Time has been absolutely FLYING by.

And my schedule has started to resemble the Divoká Šárka-bound 51 night tram at two in the morning: absolutely packed to the gills.

With Prague Shakespeare Company and Mezipatra film festival volunteering, upcoming midterms and photography portfolios, presentations, weekly readings, a weekly film screening group that I started with friends, ballets, operas, cafe outings, and on top of all of that, weekend traveling trips which suck up my three freest days out of seven every week—needless to say, I am really busy.

But it’s a different kind of busy. Even though I’m mostly doing the same kind of work I might be doing at home: studying and doing mindless tasks while volunteering, there is a kind of magical edge to everything that makes them kind of fun.

I have no idea why.

I hope I can take this kind of intrinsic motivation back with me to Orlando—I’ll be some kind of superhuman if I can be this productive and engaged all the time.

(Check out my example in the photo below to see what a typical day in my life is like.)

My week’s activities!

I made a trip Salzburg, Austria this past weekend! I enjoyed the beautiful architecture, made some friends at this Belgian beer pub, had a big hotel room of my own for the first time (going to miss this the most going back to the cramped dorms), and toured some sets for the Sound of Music (which was okay). On the way the Salzburg, we stopped by the original Budweiser Budvar brewery (Budweiser was originally a Czech beer!) and on the way back, we stopped by Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest in Germany. Had a really diverse trip this weekend with an interesting mix of history and leisure.

Gaining more responsibility with the Prague Shakespeare Company. This week I counted posters and helped deliver them to the department of transportation in Prague to be put inside trams (so if you see a PSC poster in a tram, it probably has my saliva residue on it). And they also asked me if I was into arts and crafts. I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something, so they threw a wire crown at me and told me to replicate two more, one being slightly smaller. This was for their Macbeth performance that night, so sure, you can say I’ve dabbled in last-minute costume design. It was awesome. It’s really cool being able to work with my hands artistically on something that will be used in some of the best Shakespeare performances in the Czech Republic.

Gave a presentation on eye-contact for my psychology soft skills class and facilitated a two minute “eye-gazing” session, where individual students paired up and simply stared at each other in silence throughout the whole duration, noting their mental and physical reactions. For science!

Went to a volunteer informational meeting for the Mezipatra Film Festival. I got my schedule and was introduced to some of the basics of what I will be helping with. The first two days, I will be helping prepare the infrastructure and general set up, while the later two days will be spent at the gift shop selling t-shirts, CD’s, etc. I’m excited to meet some interesting people and happy to be volunteering for such an awesome cause (this film festival is entirely volunteer-based)!

Other things I’ve done this week! Consider these slice of life images of a study abroad student:

Traded a page worth of English proofing of a Czech friend’s application letter for soup and a salad (my favorite part was the conversation she and I had about environmental conservationism); won and lost many Foosball games; watched a film in my dorm’s massive projection room with friends; went to another opera at the Estates Theater; went to another ballet at the National Theater; and took a Myers-Briggs personality test: I’m most likely an ENFJ. In Jungian psychology, I fall under the “teacher” archetype (I think it might be right); and many more things!

People I’ve met and things I’ve learned:

Had long discussions with a Croatian friend, obsessed with cinema, about working in film and relationships.

A group of Austrian “high school seniors” that I met in Salzburg.

I’ve learned how to better decide what I like and what I don’t.

I keep relearning that a tiny bit of confidence goes a long way with dealing with people.

I’ve developed my sense of direction immensely.

I better understand body language.

I’ve learned how to better prioritize spending and plan ahead when it comes to food.

I’ve learned how to be more grateful.

I’ve learned that my way isn’t the only way.

I’ve learned how to learn on the go.

I’ve learned I’m gaining weight. Don’t mind one bit.

I’ve learned Winter is coming. Don’t mind one bit.

Saw some snow for the third of fourth time in my life while in the Alps. Didn’t mind one bit.

See ya!