Week #8 at Seoul National University!


This week, I went to a lot of anime stores as well as arcades. I was so amazed when I found anime stores because it’s not as common as you would think here in South Korea, especially when you consider how close South Korea is to Japan. I used the little figurine vending machine and got the character Sanemi from Kimetsu no Yaiba, and I bought a lot of mystery pins and keychains! I got Kazutora from Tokyo Revengers and Bakugou from My Hero Academia. Overall this was such a fun experience because I am a huge anime fan! The other week when I went to the Sanrio Lovers Cafe, I met a new friend when we were both waiting for the bathrooms. She is also a huge anime fan, and when we talked more, we decided to hang out next week! We went shopping and I showed her fried Tteokbokki from an amazing place I tried in Daegu, called “Happy Cheese Smile”. It is absolutely delicious!! She showed me a larger anime store that had so many mangas, and I bought two: one Tokyo Revengers manga and one Toilet Bound Hanako-kun one. These are really valuable for me, and a good souvenir for my trip in Korea because the manga is written fully in Korean! Reading it will help me expand my Korean skills while also enjoying my favorite stories. Something I’ve been enjoying a lot lately is a drink I can only find in Korea. It’s called an “Ice choco latte” or a “아이스 초코 라떼”. Basically, it’s like a hot chocolate but an iced version! I remember seeing it in a video a couple years ago and always wanting to try it! It is my favorite drink here, and I get it often with my friends. Recently, I’ve been preparing for my midterms and doing my best to balance my free time and time studying. Although I’m not currently taking the next level of Korean because of how impacted the course was, I have been doing my best to study on my own and with my friends. I find that teaching the Korean that I do know to others helps me also better myself, although I still have such a long way before I can call myself fluent.