Week 3: Time is flying





At the end of week 2, I made an impulsive decision to get braces this week. This poses a bit of a challenge when speaking in Spanish. I have some trouble using my front teeth, so it sounds like I have a lisp. My class and professor do not seem to have trouble understanding me, but I am worried about my oral exams and presentation next week. Luckily, I did not have to do any extractions.

The duration of the course is only 8 weeks, and I cannot believe that we are almost halfway done. The classes have been very enjoyable as always, but the biggest thing that everyone in the class has to agree with me is the length of the class. We meet twice a week and only 90 minutes each time. On top of that, we have at least one technical difficulty in almost every class. Luckily, the professor decided on having a review session before the oral exams next Monday with a time everyone agreed on.

For this week’s excursion, I wanted to go hunt down a popular taco truck, but due to the heavy rain all week, and the fact that I have only been eating porridge and pain relief, I decided to just rest at home and study for the exams.

My cousins are coming over next week from Illinois. I definitely will have to manage my time wisely so I can spend some time with her. We are hoping to go to a sunflower field an hour from where I live. I can probably take her to the taco truck if she has time.