Week 3 in Dublin


During my third week in Dublin, I explored the city and its surrounding areas. I have become quite familiar with the streets, as I have been strolling around the city simply to satisfy my curiosity. It has been cool to discover new neighborhoods and hidden gems, all while immersing myself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dublin.

One of the unique experiences I had was encountering horse-driven tours. These delightful tours allow you to sit back and enjoy the sights as you’re guided through the streets by majestic horses. It’s a wonderful way to take in the city’s beauty while learning fascinating stories about its history. However, the most amusing tour I witnessed was the Viking tour. Dressed in Viking helmets, the group roamed the streets and playfully interacted with pedestrians. With lighthearted screams and laughter.

As part of my Irish history and culture class, we visited a local farm, delving into the traditional aspects of Irish life. One of the activities we engaged in was making traditional Irish soda bread.

Furthermore, we had the unique opportunity to jump in a bog. A bog is a wetland area characterized by decomposed plant matter, resulting in a dark, spongy terrain. It is a significant part of Ireland’s landscape and holds cultural and historical importance. we also got a personal tour of Crooke Park. the third largest stadium in Europe. Crooke Park host hundreds of Gaelic Games each year.

Overall, my third week in Dublin has been filled with exploration, engaging activities, and memorable experiences. From hiking in Bray to immersing myself in Irish history and culture, I have gained a deeper appreciation for this fascinating city and the richness of its traditions. Im having a really good time and look forward to the weeks coming.