Week 2 In Korea!


This week I attempted to join a club on campus. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it certainly did not go the way I thought! I was introduced to a club on campus called “SNU Cafe” which is a club dedicated for coffee lovers, and those interested in how to make latte art as well as brewing the best cup of coffee. My friend and I attempted to join but soon figured out that there are no foreigners in the club, and that they will not be able to translate any newsletters or information for us. They were extremely nice about it but it was obvious it wasn’t a group catered towards foreigners, which was totally understandable. I’m still proud of myself for taking initiative and almost joining a group on campus! I’m slowly adjusting to my classes and the workload, since I am taking 5 classes in total. Before coming here, I felt that taking 5 classes was going to be a very difficult task for me, but using my planner is really helping me organize my schedule so far, so I am definitely more confident than I was before coming here! There is a place I’ve been eating at almost everyday with my friends, called “La Bab”. I always get their cheese kimbap without the spam (I just take it out myself, I’m pescetarian). I also get their fried sweet potato, and it is so delicious! This has to be my favorite meal here. I also get convenience store ramen with boiled egg and cheese, with triangle tuna kimbap. I have yet to venture out alone, because I go with my friend everywhere, but for next week I am making it a goal to go outside alone at least once if possible! I kind of have anxiety about doing this, but I came all the way here so I think it’s only right that I challenge myself! I also love going to karaoke with my friends, and in Korean it’s called �

�레방. I often sing Enhyphen songs and other kpop songs with my friend, and my other friend sings a lot of classic k-pop and ballad songs. It’s one of my favorite activities to do here.