Week 2 in England


                                                                                  North Lanes in Brighton

Now that I am half way through my International Summer School program at the University of Sussex, I have had the opportunity to explore the city of Falmer, where the university is located, as well as the surrounding cities. Brighton and Hove are the two main larger cities that are both a couple miles away from Falmer and are accessible by train or bus from the campus, which is my main mode of transportation. Although, there are bike rentals in Brighton that could be a fun alternative (if I could get used to driving on the right side of the road). Since everything is located in Brighton or Hove, I have had to master the bus routes because I am so used to driving, although it has been a challenge, it has been a fun adventure getting to meet other locals. Unfortunately, it is summer time therefore there are not a lot of Sussex students on campus, but thanks to the close knit community in B&H I have been able to meet some people in town and found out all about the fun things to do here. As a matter of fact, myself and a couple other ISS students are planning on going on a hike tomorrow morning at a famous spot called Seven Sisters, which should be beautiful because it is located at a national park along the coastline (English Channel). So stay tuned for photographs! 

                                                                                  Churchill Square in Brighton

This week my health psychology class also concluded our portion of the group and individual presentations, which were both very interesting. I enjoyed the group presentation because through this activity I was able to discuss differing opinions with the other students in the class, regarding the effects of stress on one’s health. Although, I preferred the individual presentation, because this activity allowed us to summarize an article of our choice whereas in the group presentation we did not, because the article was given to us. The individual presentation was nerve wrecking only because I am not fond of speaking in front of groups, but the article that I presented was interesting and made it less difficult. My next tasks will be to complete a learning diary, which is pretty self-explanatory and then an argumentative essay discussing environmental factors that impact health behaviors. Other than attending class and visiting the city to go shopping or exploring, I have visited the gym and played basketball with some other students who are from the United States. This week is also the qualifying game for England’s football team in the FIFA semi-finals so I will be watching that with some students somewhere in Brighton – go England! 

View of campus