Week #12 In Korea!


This week I went to Danyang, which is more of a rural tourist spot. It is near the mountains, and has such a beautiful view! The colors of the trees were so orange and red-toned, which I rarely get to see back home in Southern California. My friend went paragliding, but I was definitely too scared to try it. I enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate and Cafe Sann, which was probably one of the best I have had here in Korea. We stayed in a pension house, and when we arrived late at night the owner was already there waiting for us! He was so kind and didn’t speak any English, but luckily I was able to understand everything he said. It gave me more confidence when we said my Korean was very good! Although I am lacking in many ways, it encouraged me to study more. The next morning we got a knock on our door, and he gave us chestnuts, apples, and sweet potatoes from his garden! It was the kindest gesture I have received here, and I will never forget it! This week I also went to the Line friends pop up store! A pop up store is when a store temporarily hosts a limited edition items store in a new location for a short amount of time. This pop up store had BT21 characters and merchandise. I didn’t buy anything but a small Koya keychain. The store had large figures of the characters as well as colorful decorations, and places to take photos! As you can see in one of the photos below, I took a mirror selfie in front of a decorated mirror! This week I had to do a presentation, which I was extremely nervous about. I have never been a confident person when it comes to presentations so I was extremely nervous. I haven’t presented since high school so you can imagine just how nervous I was presenting at Korea’s most prestigious school! I was so relieved when it was finally over, and to reward myself, I went to see the new black panther: Wakanda forever movie with my friend who also presented! It was the best treat after a day of stress.