Watching Sunshine on Leith and Participating in My First Ever Escape Room


Sunshine on Leith: The Musical

Two weeks ago my Arcadia study abroad program booked tickets for about 10 students to see Sunshine on Leith. We watched the musical at King’s Theatre in Glasgow. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the musical, as I have never watched a full-length show, but, I am very glad I attended! Sunshine on Leith is a wonderful and relatable romantic drama set in Scotland. The main characters include Ally and Davy, two men that return home (to Scotland)  after being in the army for some time. The two have ups and downs with their friends, families, and romantic partners. The musical follows the pair through realistic struggles and hardships.

Arcadia STEM students sitting in King’s Theatre waiting for Sunshine on Leith to begin!
Interior of King’s Theatre in Glasgow.
Standing in the balcony of King’s Theatre.

The Catchy Music: Bringing a Sense of Scottish Nationalism

The music of The Proclaimers sets the mood of the entire musical. Sunshine on Leith features popular songs by The Proclaimers, a musical duo composed of twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reid who were born in Leith. The twins’ music shines a light on Scottish culture through the classic Scottish accents and references to the Scottish National Party, a political party that supports Scottish independence. Some songs include Over and Done With, Then I Met You, and most notably, I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). In fact, the thing I remember the most is that the music is what allowed the audience to interact with the characters. The audience seemed to know many of the songs and would sing along to the tunes. I would even say that 500 Miles resonated so much with the audience that they adopted it as a second Scottish anthem! Everyone was so excited about the characters’ endings and pleased with the excellent story-telling that the actors received not only a standing ovation but a singing and dancing ovation! I would highly recommend that students watch the show if they are interested in learning more about modern Scottish culture.

Escape Room Basics

In the same weekend, I was lucky enough to test my wits with some friends by getting locked in an escape room at Escape Glasgow. This particular escape room location prides itself in being Scotland’s first live escape game! In case you haven’t heard of those before, escape rooms are just like what they sound like– a room or set of rooms filled with clues for people to find clues and escape within 60 minutes. Cameras are set up in the rooms for escape room employees to track your progress, give you extra guidance if you’re stuck, and most importantly, make sure you are safe. A lot of escape rooms have themes like witchcraft, contagion, and ancient ruins.

The Outcome in the 221B Baker Street Escape Room

My team worked together to get through Escape Glasgow’s 221B Baker Street escape room. We were playing as Moriarty’s assistants from Sherlock. Our challenge was to break into Sherlock’s apartment and steal three items. However, the items could only be retrieved if the team solved puzzles and crack codes in the room! We successfully escaped the room in 51 minutes!