Vince’s London Adventures!





This week was busy with finals and projects for the end of the first half of this semester. Unfortunately, it meant the end of my food and cultures class, which was one of my favorites so far. This class was only a first-half option, so I had a final exam for it the past week which included all of the experiences inside and outside of the classroom. The final was a long one, but I prepared well but I felt that I did well. My other projects included a paper on Graham Greene and a song analysis of Siouxsie and the Banshees.

I also had a field trip this week which walked around the music district of London and explored important landmarks and locations of London’s history with punk and pop music. We stopped at places that included the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and David Bowie having lived, recorded, or performed there. The walk was around 2 hours in the rain but it was really cool! We saw a place where the Sex Pistols got caught stealing and were kicked in the pants as punishment by the police. The tour took us through places in Soho, Covent Garden, and Leicester Square that was really fun and cool to see! The Dune red carpet premiere also took place yesterday but I could not go unfortunately due to needing to attend a meeting virtually with my internship boss. My internship is set, I am extremely excited and ready to start after break ends! It is going to be a great professional experience that helps me enter the professional world.

Already they have started to put out Christmas cookies and decorations around the stores. As a Christmas junkie, I could not be more excited! The weather is beginning to get colder and windier, but no snow yet! There is a chance this week of some snow so I will do my best to get some pictures if it happens.

I planned a fun River Cruise with Tea Time for my school and classmates in my leadership position that allows me to do so. I got a great response and sign-up list so I am excited for that to take place after break! We have also planned a rugby match for students to attend. I am working on planning Thanksgiving dinner at the moment and getting the logistics settled for that. I bought tickets with my friends to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland as they have been selling out a lot this past week.

We went to Trivia yesterday evening and came in fourth place, which was much better than last time when we came in eighth. There are always some very British-related questions that no one is able to get on our team.

I did not have many opportunities to travel around the city outside of this, I had a lot of papers and projects due outside of my tests that took up a lot of my time. However, this week starts my break so I do not have class again until November 1st, which gives me a long week ahead to explore and do some things I’ve been looking forward to that are Halloween-related.

The pictures included are of locations on the walking tour, one being where the Clash produced one of their first albums, which is now a guitar shop. The other is a plaque dedicated to David Bowie for recording some of his first albums there, including Space Odyssey.

Thank you all for reading, and I promised next week I will have more exciting things to share! Finals week was just a lot of time taken up.

Vince Acri