Vince’s London Adventures





Hello everyone!! Exciting times here in London as it is the start of the Christmas season here and the city looks stunning!

This past week I did quite a few exciting things. Last Sunday I had a tea cruise on the Thames which was awesome! I took a lot of cool pictures and spent time with my friends on the boat. We had bottomless tea and coffee, along with an offering of ginger sandwiches, scones, and cakes. The same company offers a Christmas Party cruise which I am organizing with the school for a student event. The cruise gave 360 degree views of the river and we passed under the Tower Bridge a few times and I got some great photos of it. I included a picture of me on the boat in this blog, it was a really great time and everyone is excited for the Christmas cruise.

Monday I had classes as I usually do, but had to travel afterwards to take pictures of the football league I am working for out in Huxton. My internship is going well, it is an odd schedule that I am still getting used to, and being all virtual is odd especially with not being able to actually work with people. I’ve been doing market research for the company and it has been a great experience so far.

I went back Wednesday night to see Back to the future the musical a second time. I really want to see some other musicals before I leave such as Book of Mormon, Six, and Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap.

The retro movie theater I found is doing a huge Christmas lineup, including the greatest Christmas movie ever Die Hard, so I’m looking forward to booking those tickets for December. We are planning to do a lot of Christmas activities starting this week until we go home.

Today I went to the Harry Potter studio tour, at Warner Brothers London. It was a trip planned by the school that I’ve had booked since the summer when the tickets went on sale. I have really been looking forward to this one, I was a huge Harry Potter fan when I was in middle school and the studio tour was utterly awesome! The sets, costumes, props, etc. were amazing to see up close. The tour takes you through what went into making the movies, especially the art and special effects departments which don’t get enough credit for their role in making these films.

My classes this week were all online, several students came down with the COVID-19 virus and they wanted everyone to stay home from classes to help stop the spreading. My field trips got pushed to this upcoming week instead, they are visits to the Imperial War Museum and some legal courts.

One of my close friends on the leadership team with me planned a rugby game this weekend for the Premiership rugby cup. I have never been to a rugby game so I am extremely excited to go and experience a part of the English sporting culture I have not been exposed to before.

Also included in my pictures is a part of the Harry Potter Studio exhibit from this evening!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more of my experience soon!