Vince Acri – Back to the West End





This week was finally the week I got to see Back to the Future the Musical, which I have been looking forward to seeing since it was announced two years ago. Unfortunately, Monday night the theatre lost my booking due to a system error and my seat was sold to someone else. Wednesday night they were able to accommodate me and get me a much better seat closer to the stage. The performance was awesome! It was a really great show and the cast was phenomenal at their roles, and the ending sequence alone was worth the price of admission for any fans of the movie.

Over last weekend I did visit Stonehenge and Salisbury. They were both awesome to visit and see, as I have been hoping to see both before I leave here. Stonehenge was a little underwhelming as I have heard from most that visit there, but I am still glad I went. Salisbury was fantastic and a very beautiful place to visit, especially the Cathedral.

The weather has finally cooled down here, from being 83 and stuffy everywhere to being 58-62 and being cool. I also am glad I got a couple weeks where it did not rain once, as now I am facing the famous London rains, which it has been doing every single day this past week and will do this entire week ahead. I took out my sweaters (or jumpers rather)I have been dying to finally wear with any cooler weather and wind, and it appears that most British people have done the same.

My week in class was fantastic, my literature class in particular took a closer look at the experience for different cultures living in London, especially Muslims in the Brick Lane area. We watched documentaries and a film on their blending of cultures in London and assimilation of their younger generation to feel empowered in their new country but also deeply rooted in their traditions and it makes them feel special and hopeful towards the future.

My food and culture class took a tour on Thursday of Fuller’s brewery, which is located just right outside of London. This is one of London’s oldest and best breweries, and we learned about how beer and cider played a vital role in staying away from Cholera leading to its continued reliability of being safer than drinking water. We got to sample the beers, and I must say that they are never as bitter as most American beer brands that are popular in the United States. They are very smooth and have a great taste, Fuller’s products in particular did not have a strong bitter taste (except for their new IPAs).

Today, I am going to Brighton with classmates through a school sponsored trip for the day. Saturday I am attending a vineyard and winery tour in Kent, followed by lunch in a garden restaurant. This is also a class trip. Sunday I am attending London’s WingJam, which is their city’s wing festival. Wings are one of my favorite foods so I am really excited to attend.