Universal Studios Japan





So we had a brief four-day break at the beginning of November, and some of my new Japanese friends decided to take us to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka! I had never been to Osaka or USJ, but I was excited about the opportunity. Unfortunately, once I arrived I had completely forgotten I was in a foreign country and expected the rides and shows to be in English. I was surprised to see Spider-Man speaking in Japanese! It was very interesting, to say the least!! Luckily, my friends were there to help with whatever phrases I didn’t know. Also, interestingly, they still had Halloween themed decorations, shows, and exhibits! One such exhibit was a designated scare zone in which people dressed as zombies with fake weapons and chased people around. I found the Harry Potter world to be the most interesting! Although everyone spoke Japanese, it felt strange to be in this amusement park. I guess I never realized other countries even had amusement parks like Universal Studios or Disneyland.

Another interesting fact I found was that a staple snack to purchase at Japanese theme parks is turkey legs. Yes! Full legs of turkey! They claimed it was normal to snack on, while I explained in American amusement parks a good snack would be french fries or a hot dog. They also sold soy sauce and butter popcorn. I didn’t expect any less from Japan. I tried the foods I promise! Although I forgot to take a photo of them. Here are some other photos I took throughout my day. I am sorry there are so many Harry Potter ones, as I said it was my favorite section.

img_2297img_2300img_2298img_2301img_2333 copyimg_2309 img_2319 img_2322

img_2329img_2327 img_2328img_2324

Thank you to my wonderful friends for giving me this opportunity! Until next time USJ!