Time for Exploration, Macchu Pichu I’m On My Way!


It’s been a couple of rough weeks, but I can finally say that there’s a silver lining.  The time has opened itself up just enough for me to do some discovering and exploration.  I have been preparing eagerly for this day to arrive.  In a few days I will be traveling to Cusco, and visit the marvelous Macchu Pichu.  Time for an in-depth cultural experience and a fresh breath into a new world.  This will be a little break from the non-stop studying, and refresh my mind from it all.

      This journal is going to be a bit more unorthodox than usual.  It’s not going to be explaining so much of my experiences abroad, I’m taking a different approach with this one.  This time around I’ll be talking about steps and items needed for this mini-trip.  Also, I’m going to include important Do’s and Don’ts.

Steps and Tips for the Trip

  • Buy tickets beforehand, trains are limited and spaces too.
  • I can’t stress this one enough, PLAN AHEAD!!!
  • The time you decide to go, is very important
    • Weather is an important factor, try to go during dry seasons, that way yo avoid getting rained in.
    • Massive amounts of travelers, and tickets will go quickly.
  • Prepare the Body, using medicine or “coca tea”, this helps avoid altitude sickness.
  • Bring enough water to drink, as a safe measure to not get dehydrated.
  • Make sure to know places to eat.
  • A place to sleep safely! Air BnB’s, hotels, hostels, etc, it’s better to know where you will be staying and make sure it’s a safe spot.
  • Soak in all the culture and the beautiful scenery.
  • Speak to locals, not for pictures but to hear their personal stories and knowledge of the area.
  • Right after the trip, relax, the walking will be a lot!

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do stay on the Trail, getting lost can also cause harm to an individual.
  • Do Not bring your own food, there are strict policies, but the will allow you to leave it and the gate then pick it up before you leave.
  • Do Not touch the ruins, it can cause damage.
  • Do keep distance in-between llamas, the will spit, charge and possibly bite you.
  • Do Not throw any type of garbage, be respectful to another’s culture.
  • Do Not rush to snap pictures of the people, be respectful towards them.

These are just a couple tips, do’s and don’ts that come to mind while I prepared myself for the trip.  I’m so ecstatic to be able to visit a wonder of the world.  And I hope if you get the chance to go you take that chance and make it a lifetime experience.  This journal will have a follow up, detailing my time in Cusco and in this national park.  I can say this without being there yet, you won’t regret going traveling here.