The Beauty That Is My Home





So lately I’ve found myself forced to purchase a bicycle. While in the past international students were given bicycles, this year we somehow lost that opportunity. Since I figured having a bike would make travel infinitely easier, my friends and I managed to find and purchased old used bikes and I can certainly say I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it! Not only do I ride it to and from school, but also to the train station, which is normally a twenty-five-minute walk. However, I realized that having a bike allowed me to visit some parts of my city that I normally would never venture off to unless I wanted to take a three-hour walk. Thus, I have used my new rusty vehicle to travel around the large city of Nagoya and snap some photos!

Now, cities are huge, full of people, and nothing is perfect. While some people may have visions of shiny clean and advanced cities, I chose to take pictures of anything I deemed beautiful, including the many train tracks I see every day.



Photos of my university


Tiny streets!


So this giant lady here is named ナナちゃん or Nana Chan. I have no clue why she’s here, or what her purpose is. All I know is every couple of weeks her outfit mysteriously changes! This time it’s an outfit representing an event occurring in Aichi, most likely a festival. Sometimes it’s a doctors outfit, a firefighter or a frilly dress! I think I’ll document her outfits and make a blog post about it some day (:


These last two photos are a spiral-shaped building near the station! I’m told it’s an art school, and while some of the lights are out, it says “Mode Halison” on the side! I love this building. It’s so beautifully constructed.

And finally, my favorite photo, a panoramic picture of the skyline of Nagoya city, and the bridge I ride my bike over every day to school! The sky was pretty albeit a bit cloudy.