The 5 Senses in Limerick





See – King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle sits along the Shannon River in the center of Limerick. The castle dates back to the 13th century, and while beautiful to look at on the outside, the inside contains a great museum about the history of the castle and Limerick.

Taste – Pastries from the Milk Market

The Milk Market is similar to a farmer’s market. It happens every Saturday and there is fresh produce, fish, meat, baked goods, and other foods. The pastries are my favorite part. Below is a picture of a tart I got at the market.

Smell – Coffee

There are many cafes located across the city. Besides serving great coffee, they also serve tea along with other baked goods. One type of bread that Ireland is known for is soda bread which you can get at Sodalicious in Limerick.

Hear – Cheering from Thomond Park

Sports, especially Gaelic sports such as hurling and Gaelic football, are very popular in Ireland. Limerick in particular has won four out of the last five All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championships. Rugby is also a popular game in Ireland. Below is a Munster vs Osprey game of ruby that I went to see at Thomond Park.

Feel – Like Spring

The weather in Ireland was surprising to me. The grass stays green all year round. When I arrived in January it felt like spring to me compared to the Wisconsin winters I am used to. Now that it is properly spring in Ireland, I can see many flowers in bloom, especially daffodils. Additionally, I have been seeing more wildlife like this hare in-front of my dorm building. Traditionally, Saint Brigid’s Day on the first of February marks the beginning of spring. This year was the first year Saint Brigid’s Day became a bank holiday in Ireland.