Sun, Sea, and Struggles




So I made a video for this week, and I’ve been trying to post it for a couple of days now. No luck. I guess you’ll have to imagine the excitement in my voice as I tell this story. Got your popcorn?

It all started at seven in the morning which is way too early to be productive. However, our train left at 9:12 from the airport. It takes approximately an hour to get to the airport from our apartments. The three of us left for the metro at 7:30. We have to take the metro to a train station. The tram leaves from the train station as well as the rhone express. We incorrectly got on a tram when we were suppose to get on the rhone express. Unsurprisingly, we end up in the middle of nowhere. By the time we realize that we need to get back on the tram, it’s around 8:40. We are all of course feeling pretty darn hopeless at this point. We get to the rhone express stop. It’s nine minutes away. One of my friends is skilled with directions(NOT me). Let’s call him captain map. I have zero dead reckoning skills. But he has been the one leading us from metro stop to metro stop and so forth. The other friend is a realist. She correctly points out to us that we have wasted 40 euros if we miss this train, so why waste another 14 euros on a rhone express ticket. The rhone express pulled up around 8:52. The airport is 7 minutes away. As the rhone express is literally pulling up to our stop, we still haven’t made a decision. That’s where I come in-the optimist. I convince them to buy tickets, and we sprint onto the rhone express.

The ride to the airport was full of nerves and excitement. The whole time I was going on and on about how I think we’re going to make it. The realist was feeding off of my energy while “captain map” wasn’t so sure. We get to the airport at 9:01. Captain map takes over leading the way.  Admittedly, he has no idea where he’s going, but he’s going confidently. Luckily, a kind stranger tells us where to go. We find our check in point only to be told that we missed the train. But he was joking! Cruel, right? I step foot on the train at 9:07, and it leaves promptly at 9:12.

Each of us served a purpose that day based on our personalities and strengths. I also learned that being lost can be beautiful. I usually hate being lost. It frustrates me to no end. But for this day, it was part of the adventure. It allowed my strong personality traits to shine through when the group was losing hope. Keeping hope helped to create the best day I’ve had here thus far.

Let’s see if I can top it.

The Beautiful Marseilles