Socs and Sports


Before classes began, there was an activity fair and I signed up for the Drumming society and for other martial arts clubs. I wanted to join either societies or clubs in order to meet people. I went to different taster sessions for clubs and societies including Kickboxing, JiuJitsu, Judo, and Drumming. I liked all the taster sessions but I wasn’t prepared for the JiJitsu session.

I did not know that JiuJitsu entailed a lot of punches and kicks. I decided to join Judo instead because I immensely enjoyed the taster session and the people seemed friendly. The drumming club was fun but the beginner sessions were overcrowded. I realized that the likelihood of making friends through the club was low. I decided to drop it but I remained in the Judo club.

So, this Monday, the res life in my accommodation took us to Baskin Robbins for free two ice cream scoops.

Free ice cream!

It was great and I had a nice conversation with some native Scottish students. I learned the fun name for a fish and chips shop: Chippy.