Sick in the South





Hello friends!

I have now been in Ireland for over a month, and have had the opportunity to explore so much more of the country!

I recently traveled to County Cork and visited the towns of Limerick, Kinsale, and Cobh. While there was so much to do and new things to see, I became very sick during the trip. It’s a very interesting thing to be sick abroad. I knew it was bound to happen, but it gave me the opportunity to practice decisive decision making. I was hopping from hotel to hotel, and had no cold medications on me, so I had to get a little adventurous even though I was ill. Having no idea of the layout of Limerick, and very little time on my school’s trip schedule, I had to individually set out to make myself feel better. I decided to make a plan of action: do a personal check up on myself, try to find the cause of my symptoms. Then, find a map and locate the closest pharmacy in Limerick, and ask the pharmacist for help. Next, I planned to find a cafe and get a hot drink and some good food to fast-forward the healing process.

With my agenda set, I bundled up against the breezy limerick morning and trudged into the shopping district. It was bustling with the morning commute! After weaving my way through the crowded walkways I spotted the bright green cross of the pharmacy shop, a welcome sight to my sore eyes and throat. As soon as I walked in, I was bombarded with floor to ceiling shelves of completely foreign medicine, no Day-Quil in sight! But there was no time to mourn, and after a short chat with the pharmacist, I got some meds and left to find some food. I left Limerick with the hopes of a healthier tomorrow.

Being sick in a new and exciting place tended to be very difficult for me. My mind and will wanted to explore the cities endlessly and do long hikes along the water, but my body had different needs. I had to practice temperance in my adventures, making the tough decision to stay back at the hotel and rest while others in my group went to explore. Making these sorts of decisions regarding my health has been more difficult for me abroad than at home, because I have the tendency to think I have to pack as much in as I can in one day, because I might never come back to this exact spot. It’s most important to stay healthy though, because without health I couldn’t explore anyways! Studying abroad has helped me learn how to balance my needs, and to create plans to achieve them, even when faced with the great unknown.

These skills are very important and valuable for me to bring into my future career and studies, and I’m grateful to have this amazing opportunity to learn them in such a beautiful place.

Until next time my friends,

Stay healthy!

Laura Krueger

*Pictures are of myself at the ruins of a military fort in Kinsale, and the Cathedral of St. Coleman in Cobh!