Satisfying the Sweet Tooth


It was the Friday afternoon before my homestay and for some unexplainable reason, I craved a crepe. I had seen some online and I wanted to try some for the first time ever. I found a store with good reviews online and I decided to check it out.

The Lothian bus was my usual mode of transportation and it was time to test out my navigation skills without WI-FI. I was able to get to the correct stop without difficulties. My navigation skills had improved and I realized that I did not need a data plan since I just had about 6 weeks left in Scotland. In addition, I was not even going to travel a lot. So, it seemed like a waste of money for something that I would not use that often.

The chocolate store, which sold the crepe that I longed for, was in a unique spot and I almost missed it. Finally, I found it and I ordered Berry Bliss. Someone on Google had recommended it and I decided to try it.

Berry Bliss Crepe.

I had forgotten that with a name like Berry Bliss the crepe bound to be filled with different bliss and not just strawberries. Regardless, I enjoyed the tartness of the raspberries and was satisfied with the crepe.

The sweet and tart crepe was a good preamble to my homestay trip that evening. Stay tuned for my homestay details!