Samhuinn Fire Festival


It was the 31st of October and there was a Halloween vibe all over campus. I was surprised that Halloween was celebrated in Edinburgh and that people actually dressed up for it. I decided that I would do something for Halloween for the first time ever. So I went to the famed Samhuinn Fire Festival in Edinburgh with a friend. The fire festival is a Gaelic festival celebrated in Edinburgh around Halloween time.

It took place on Calton Hill, one of the hills in Edinburgh that is always captured in photos. The festival was unique and well attended. The costumes of the performers were captivating and the performers were really in character. The hill was lit up with fire sticks and bonfires.

Some performers breathed fire while others drummed and did various calisthenics. I took some low-quality pictures at a distance because there was a multitude of people at the event.

A papier-mache horselike bunny.
Performers holding up fire sticks.

I was satisfied and glad to have partaken in my very first Gaelic festival.