While most of my weeks here have been filled with travel, excitement, and constant action, this week has been much more relaxed. After going away for a week and visiting a bunch of historical sites in the last couple of weeks it was nice to have somewhat of a reset week. I was able to get to bed early, do some long needed self care, and catch up with a few shows I was weeks behind on. This also gave me time to get started thinking about finals week. I can’t believe we are only four short weeks away from my time in Dublin wrapping up. While I will feel so sad to leave this place that has made a massive mark on my life, I am getting more and more excited to head home and spend time with family and friends. It makes it even more exciting that I will be getting home right before the most magical time of the year, Christmas!

Since there is not much to report from this week specifically I thought I would reflect on some of the things I have learned since arriving here in Dublin. First, the drinking culture here and in Europe is so much different than that of America. Whether it be coffee, or alcohol to have a drink with friends or coworkers is a much more social experience than it is in America. People sit down, relax and spend time together. People are not rushing around grabbing coffee to go but instead taking the time to truly break from their days. When it comes to alcohol it is not consumed in the rapid manner it is back home. One pint might take someone an hour to finish because they are chatting with those around them so much they do not drink quickly.

The idea of talking through drinks leads well into the second thing I have learned since being here, the value of relationships. At my internship and just in observing the general public I have come to realize just how important relationships are in Irish culture. People genuinely care about one another, and enjoy the ability to simply hear about peoples lives so much more than I am used to back home. It took a while to get used to my coworkers asking so many questions that if I was in America would feel invasive but I’ve learned that’s just the way people are here.

Despite my mostly relaxing week, I did have so yummy food and good times with my roommates. Going out for a farewell party for a girl in the program who had to unfortunately leave early, and finally trying The Rolling Donut, a famous donut shop in the city. Next week should be really great as everyone in my program is taking a weekend trip to Belfast!