A Quick Trip to Belgium… kind of






So last week was Golden Week here in Japan! If anyone reading this is unfamiliar with Golden Week, here’s a quick synopsis:

This holiday usually takes place around the end of April and the beginning of May. It is four national holidays that occur consecutively within one week including the weekend. These holidays include:

Showa Day on April 29th which is the celebration of the Late Emperor Showa’s birthday.

Constitution Day on May 3rd in which the new postwar constitution was created and used.

Greenery Day on May 4th in which environment and nature are praised and celebrated.

Children’s Day on May 5th which is actually used more so to celebrate the health and wellness of boys, commonly called The Boy’s Festival. Carp flags are hung outside houses during this time. (Don’t worry, The Girl’s Festival exists too, and it’s on March 3rd!)

SO. Unfortunately for me, I attend a private college. Private colleges do not get Golden Week off. Trust me, I was equally as surprised and a little upset to find this out. Golden Week is a time for people of all ages to travel and simply enjoy Spring. Travel is especially common among college students. So while many others were enjoying their vacation to the fullest, I had every day except Friday! If I couldn’t have the week off, at least I got a three day weekend! Now, what was going on in my city that I could enjoy for three days? Hmm..

Belgian Beer Festival anyone?!

This Festival went on for four days and included over 50 types of beers to taste. There was also Belgians Frites (Fries), Ice cream, and other various snacks to purchase. We also were able to keep these glasses! Live music was performed all weekend by various bands but my favorite was a German band whose name I can’t pronounce, but they were very interesting!

This special tent had more comfortable seating as well as tables, but you had to purchase a certain beer and sign up for a time slot! I wish I could’ve sat in here.

There isn’t much to say about these pictures, we were just trying to be photogenic!

So, overall, I didn’t get to travel to a beautiful far off place or visit an onsen or a temple of any kind. It wasn’t really a “Japanese Holiday”. However, I got to experience a three-day weekend, and a fun festival occurring in my city! I still had class and homework, but I got to have a little break and enjoy some food, beer, and music!

It’s like taking a small trip to Belgium! Even though it’s not Belgium.. and I have no experience of the real Belgium. I do wish I could’ve experienced Golden Week like so many others did, but I still made memories and had a good time! I hope everyone else in Japan, exchange students and the like, got to have an awesome seven days off!

Until next time!